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Worried about a friend?

Maybe something has happened or you are worried something will happen to a friend?

Young people can contact RASAC at any time if they are worried about a friend.

  • We have worked with young people who are worried because their friend has been raped or sexually assaulted
  • or they think someone is grooming their friend or putting pressure on them for sex
  • or threatening to post an naked photo for everyone to see.


Young people often tell us that they don’t know what to do, what to say, or how to help. You might know that something is wrong because your friend has told you, or just have a feeling that things aren’t quite right. It’s great that you want to help, because your friend may feel upset, confused, angry and/or hurt.

You might feel the same sorts of things. You may know the person who has hurt or is threatening your friend. It’s quite often a mutual friend - someone in the same group of friends or club or class at school.

It can be really hard if a whole group is ganging up on your friend; or if your friend is worried about being outed because of their sexual orientation; or if they are from a very traditional community. You might be worried about these things too.

There are things you can do to help your friend. But remember it’s OK for you to feel upset. And there are limits to what you can or should do. You (or your friend) can phone the RASAC Helpline and speak to us without giving your name and find out how we can help you and your friend.

Can can get support for you, even if you are not the one who has been harmed. If you think you would like support for your wellbeing you can get in touch.


Resources you might find helpful

Contact Us

You are not alone, we are here for you, to listen, believe and support you the way you want.

  • Call us on our Helpline to ask a question or if you would like a chat, or make a referral 01738 630965
  • Email us to ask a question or if you would like to make a referral

If you feel too worried about calling or emailing us, you can ask a friend or trusted adult to call or email us.

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