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Helpline 01738 630965
Office 01738 626290

What happens when you contact us

If you just want to have a chat or ask us a question you can call the helpline or email us when you need. We will listen, believe and support you and try to answer any questions you have.

If you would like one to one support you can do this is the following ways;

  • Helpline – You can call us, or a friend or family/carer can call us on your behalf
  • Email us at we will reply, usually within 48 to 72 Hours, we may need some additional information about how best to contact you.
  • Ask a teacher/youth worker to call us or email us on your behalf, they will need to complete a referral form (a form that registers your interest in receiving support) or download it here and email it back to us

What happens then …

When you contact us we will ask you a few questions so that we know what kind of support you would like and how to contact you. We input this information into a secure database which does not contain any information about what has happened.

An initial appointment will then be arranged at a time and place that is suitable. This currently is done over the phone, by ZOOM or text, (Previously we were able to do this at school, home, at RASAC or another suitable place as soon as we can move back to offering face to face appointments we will). The initial appointment helps us understand what you need from support. It also helps you decide if you want to have support at RASAC. You can have a family member/carer/friend with you at the appointment if you would like but they don’t have to be in the room with you when you speak. This appointment will last up to an hour.

After the initial appointment, If you choose to have support at RASAC, your name will be placed on our waiting list and a Therapeutic Support Worker will contact you when a space becomes available. Please make sure we have at least one way of getting in touch with you and that if you change your contact number to let us know.

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RASAC Referral Form 2022

If you are looking to refer any young person (12+) or adult woman to RASAC for Support please ensure you fill in all relevant sections of our referral form and ensure that the individual you are referring signs the form. We aim to offer an initial appointment to the individual within two to three weeks.