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Therapeutic support

Due to current guidance we are offering some face to face support. Additionally we still offer support by ZOOM, phone, text or email. Please see our contact page for more information.

We offer therapeutic support which we tailor to you individually. We understand that everyone copes differently and your support worker will work closely with you to identify how to best meet your emotional needs.

Therapeutic support is offered to survivors who identify as a woman, all young people 12-18, families of survivors, individual family members and friends of survivors.

Face to Face Support

We are now offering some face to face support sessions in our City Centre Premises. We are currently limited on the number of people we can offer this service to. If you are currently receiving support through ZOOM or by phone you can speak to your support worker about coming into the Centre - however you can also continue to receive Support through ZOOM.

Online - ZOOM

Your support can take place through ZOOM. You do not need to download the app on a phone or laptop to be able to join the session. ZOOM is secure. If you decide to have support through ZOOM we recommend that you use a private space where you will not be interrupted. If you have difficulty in finding a quiet or confidential space in your home there are ZOOM rooms in some communities that you can use. Support is on a regular basis with your support worker, usually weekly or fortnightly.

Saying that support saved my life is not an exaggeration. When I was in a really dark place RASAC helped my find my light.

Without the kindness and support from my support worker I really don’t think I would be here. I look forward to the day when I don’t need support but until then I know they are here, and that means so much.

Phone, email, letter

As a service we try to be as flexible as possible and therefore also offer support by phone, email or letter. You can choose the type of support you’d like based on what you are most comfortable with.

Outreach Support

Due to the current situation with COVID-19 we cannot offer any outreach support at present. We hope to be able to resume this service at some point in the future.

You can speak to someone to find out more or to refer yourself to our service by calling us or emailing us. You can find our contact details here.

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RASAC Referral Form 2019

RASAC Referral Form 2019

If you are looking to refer any young person (12+) or adult woman to RASAC for Support please ensure you fill in all relevant sections of our referral form and entire that the individual you are referring signs the form. We aim to offer an initial appointment to the individual within two to three weeks. Alternatively we have a women's drop in every Tuesday between 12pm and 2pm at our premises at 16 King Street, Perth

Group Programme -Autumn 2020

RASAC is committed to providing a wide range of groups and activities for survivors to attend and get involved in. From our successful and regular creative group, to other opportunities, to having a voice in how the service develops. If you are currently receiving support please to speak to your support worker otherwise contact the Ruth on