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Therapeutic support

We offer therapeutic support which we tailor to you individually. We understand that everyone copes differently and your support worker will work closely with you to identify how to best meet your emotional needs.

Therapeutic support is offered to survivors who identify as a woman, all young people 12-18, families of survivors, individual family members and friends of survivors.

Face to face

Your support can take place in our centre on a one to one basis with your support worker. This can be weekly, two weekly or monthly etc. dependant on your support needs.

I love the support room at RASAC. It feels like a Livingroom in a really nice person’s house. I get offered a cup of tea each time and most importantly I don’t feel judged.

Saying that support saved my life is not an exaggeration. When I was in a really dark place RASAC helped my find my light.

Without the kindness and support from my support worker I really don’t think I would be here. I look forward to the day when I don’t need support but until then I know they are here, and that means so much.

Outreach Support

We understand that people may have difficulties getting to our centre therefore in certain circumstances we can offer support in other suitable locations such as your home, school or other appropriate places.

I don't even have words. I am more confident; I am believed; I am treated like a human being rather than a broken person to be danced around.

I can say how I feel without fear of judgement. I can cry without feeling like I’m letting someone down. I can laugh without feeling guilty. I have never felt so accepted, I have never felt like I was worth anything other than abuse. In RASACPK I not only found my strength but I found my soul, my spirit.

I found a life outside of rape. And I cannot thank you all enough.

Phone, email, letter

As a service we try to be as flexible as possible and therefore also offer support via telephone, email or letter. You can choose the type of support you’d like based on what you are most comfortable with.

You can speak to someone to find out more or to refer yourself to our service by calling us or emailing us. You can find our contact details here.

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