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Groups & Befriending Service

Support Groups

We offer a number of different types of groups with different aims: Wellbeing, Activity and Therapeutic. All of our groups aim to reduce social isolation, some are more relaxed and social whilst others are more structured.

To sit in a room of other survivors and realise that they are feeling similar things to you, makes you realise that you are not crazy. In that room, I felt normal for the first time in a long time.

Who are the Groups for?

Groups are offered to survivors who identify as a woman, all young people 12-18, families of survivors, individual family members and friends of survivors.

  • Young People. We offer support groups to young survivors (male and female) between the ages of 12-24. The people attending the groups are around the same age, for example a 12-year-old survivor would not be in a group with a 21-year-old survivor.
  • Partners, family & friends of survivors. We also offer groups that are tailored to offer support to partners, family and friends of survivors to help them understand some of feelings the survivor close to them might be experiencing.

When my son told me he was abused I felt like I had failed him. As a father my job is to protect him and I didn’t. That was really hard to deal with and speaking to other parents made me realise that I can’t change what happened but I can be the best support I can be for him now. And that is so important.


Types of Groups

Wellbeing Groups


Wellbeing Groups are often more structured and offer techniques to survivors in order to try and help them cope with day to day difficulties. Some of the techniques will work for some people and not for others therefore a variety of things are offered through wellbeing groups for people to try. For example we regularly run, Mindfulness Groups, Relaxation Group and CALM Group for anxiety and relaxation. Groups open to women over the age of 18yrs.



Activity Groups

Our Activity Groups are less structured in that it’s a light hearted environment not based around support and offers the opportunity to meet new people, try new things and have fun. All the activities we run do not require existing skills, but the desire to take part and try new activities. The group worker would be happy to speak to you about what activity group we are currently running, but we regularly run weekly Craft Groups, Gardening Group & Walking groups. We also run yearly Campaigning/Events groups such as the yearly 'Reclaim the Night Event & March' group that create banners for the event. Groups open to women over the age of 18yrs.

I didn't think I could join the art class as I can't draw or make anything, but once I joined I realised I just needed to have fun and enjoy myself! Recommend it to anyone!

Therapeutic Groups


Our Therapeutic Groups support survivors and their families to explore specific subjects such as recovery and dealing with feelings. The Groups are carefully supported and managed through skilled Therapeutic Workers who ensure all participants remain safe during Group Activities. Groups open to all survivors in service and their families and friends.




How to Join Groups

You can find out more about what groups are on and how to join by calling us or emailing us. We also regularly post information on our Events and Groups on our social media channels which you can find at the bottom of this page.

Check out our latest programme of activities that will start in January 2024...

Befriending Service

Our Befriending Service aims to support survivors build their confidence by encouraging the rediscovering of interests, making new friends & developing social connections so that survivors may empowering themselves, improving good mental wellbeing, and developing skills.

We carefully match each survivor with a befriender to ensure they have similar interests and will enjoy exploring the Perth and Kinross area and the activities they do together.

I was really nervous at first, but once I met (my befriender), she was really nice and put me at ease and so we joined the gym and a community group together. I had been cooped up in my flat for so long I just felt overwhelmed going out by myself and knowing she was there made me leave my flat every week. No one knew she was my befriender and after a few weeks I got to know people in the community group and felt ready to go myself without (my befriender).


How to access the Befriending Service

You can find out more about our Befriending Service by calling us or emailing us. We can explain the matching process and what a befriending session might include and look like. There is no obligation to join the service or remain once you have decided to be matched to a befriender. You choose what activities you take part in and you can decide to meet up every week, every 2 weeks or once a month.


Useful contacts in this section:

Check out our contact page for all our phone details and email.

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Referral form

If you would like to refer yourself into our support service or would like to refer a woman or young person you are working with, download our Referral Form.