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Thinking of reporting?

We believe that everyone who experiences a sexual assault should make their own decisions about reporting. Whatever decision you make it should be right for you, and what you need now. We will support your decision.

You can report a recent or historical sexual assault /rape at anytime. The information below is for anyone who has recently been sexually assaulted/raped.

You have options. You make the choices.

If you are 16 years or older, recently assaulted and you are thinking of reporting to the Police it is really important that you:

  • Don’t wash, eat or drink if at all possible. This is to ensure that the best forensic evidence can be gathered.
  • Place any clothing you wore during the incident (or just after) in a clean plastic bag, don’t wash them or throw them away, including bed sheets, underwear and sanitary products.

If you think that you have been ‘spiked’ (drugged) you need to be aware that blood and urine tests need to be completed as soon as possible to be used as evidence.

Option 1 - Contact Police to Report

If would like to report the incident directly to the police, you can contact the police on 101 (999 if you are in immediate danger). The Police will want to arrange a forensic examination as soon as possible to gather any evidence. They will interview you at a location that you both agree on, such as a police station, your home, RASAC P&K or other location you feel safe in. You can do this by yourself or we can support you every step of the way to report through out Justice Advocacy Service.



Option 2 - Find out more about Your Choices and how we can Support you

If you are not sure about reporting and want to find out more about the process; or would like support in contacting the police about reporting you can contact RASAC P&K. Our Justice Advocacy Service provides dedicated staff to support survivors with all aspects of the reporting and court process as well as information on your rights.

We will not contact the police without your consent (unless we are concerned that a child or vulnerable adult is at risk). We can provide you with the information you need to make your decisions. We will respect and support your decision to report or not to report.

If you chose to report:

  • The police can interview you in our premises (or other you feel safe in) with a member of our staff present to support you if you wish.
  • We can accompany you to the forensics examination if you wish
  • We can support you throughout the justice system from reporting to court if that is what you chose.

Option 3 - Decide Not to Report

You decide not to report. This is your choice, no-one can make this decision for you.

Although you might not feel like reporting now, you might in time. So you might want to keep the clothes you were wearing at the time of the assault, don’t wash them and put them in a clean plastic bag. Please see the section on the Sexual Assault Response Coordination Service (SARCS) to find out about your options without reporting to the police. Also see our section on the support we provide for survivors.

When you wash yourself, use safe products, not household cleaning products as they can be harmful.

We are here to Listen, Believe and Support so if you pick up the phone or email us, we will respond.

Useful contacts in this section:

  • RASAC P&K Helpline: 01738 630965 (9am-5pm weekdays - you may need to leave a message)
  • RASAC P&K Support Email:
  • Rape Crisis Scotland Helpline: 08088 01 03 02 (7 day 5pm - midnight)
  • SARCS: 0800 148 88 88 (24/7)
  • Police Scotland Emergency: 999 (24/7)
  • Police Scotland Non- Emergency:101 (24/7)
  • NHS 24 Scotland Helpline – 111 (24/7)





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