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Support for professionals

If you are a professional and supporting someone you may have guidance within your workplace about supporting survivors. Support and supervision is important at this time. Should you not have access to this, we suggest that you speak to your line manager and request enhanced support.


Accessing Support from RASAC P&K:

  • We do not need to know any of your personal details (if you prefer) or your client's so confidentiality is not breached.
  • We will not share any information you discuss with anyone outwith the RASAC P&K Team (Unless child protection and vulnerable adult protection issues are identified), and we would support you to share this information with the relevant partners.
  • You need to either work or live in the geographical area of Perth & Kinross, Scotland.

What Support could be for you:

  • We recognise that professionals often need a space to talk about their own feelings about what has been disclosed or happened to a client they are working with.
  • Workers often worry about saying the wrong thing, or not knowing enough about other support available. We can give you reassurance or ideas of how to respond in supportive ways.
  • When supporting someone who has experienced rape, sexual abuse or exploitation it is very important that you also take care of yourself, especially if you are a survivors of sexual violence as well.
  • Sometimes when supporting someone a ‘story’ can get stuck in your head and affect you unexpectedly and can develop into secondary or vicarious trauma so self-care is important. Find out more about secondary or vicarious trauma here.

Resource you may find helpful for you and your client:


Should you want to speak to a support worker in confidence please contact us.

  • Helpline: 01738 626290
  • Business Line: 01738 630965; Mondays-Friday, 9pm – 4pm
  • Alternatively you can access: National Rape Crisis Helpline; 08088 01 03 02; every evening 5pm – midnight

To refer yourself to our therapeutic service...

Download our referral form here

If you are looking to refer any young person (12+) or adult woman to RASAC for Support please ensure you fill in all relevant sections of our referral form and ensure that the individual you are referring signs the form. We aim to offer an initial appointment to the individual within two to three weeks.

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Referral form

If you would like to refer yourself into our support service or would like to refer a woman or young person you are working with, download our Referral Form.