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Equally Safe At School Programme

Preventing Gender Based Violence in Schools

RASAC P&K has a dedicated worker who focuses on supporting schools in P&K to access the ESAS programme and deliver any training or support required for teaching staff and senior management.

ESAS is designed to meet the health and wellbeing outcomes of the Curriculum for Excellence and other key frameworks such as Getting It Right For Every Child.

ESAS takes a whole school approach, working with staff and students to prevent gender-based violence and to increase confidence and skills in responding to incidents and disclosures of such violence. It aims to positively influence the school culture by fostering a shared, consistent approach to gender-based violence. ESAS is underpinned by principles of equality, safety and accessibility, with student voices at the forefront.

How other schools are engaging with ESAS

Find out about how other schools are participating and their experiences of ESAS, the evidence for the need of the ESAS Programme and young people's feedback.

Referral form

If you would like to refer yourself into our support service or would like to refer a woman or young person you are working with, download our Referral Form.