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Survivor's Words, Art and Action

On this page you will find beautiful, inspiring, and challenging words, art and campaigning contributed by survivors who have engaged in support at RASAC P&K, and other survivors who support us. Please be aware that some of the contributions may be hard to read as they can express difficult feelings. If you have something you would like to contribute to, let us know. Lastly a big thank you to everyone who's words, art and campaigning has contributed to this page. You inspire us.

Reclaim The Night March Placards

Every year we have taken part in the Reclaim the Night March we have added to our placard collection. This year we asked survivors to give us their favorite feminist quotes or something they wanted to have displayed on the night. Thank you to all the lovely women who contributed. Although we couldn't print them all out, we hope you love these ones

16 Day of Action 2022

This year survivors got involved in our social media campaign for the 16 Days of Action to End Violence against Women and Girls by contributing art work and words. Some of these pieces where also projected onto a wall in Perth during the 16 Day. A big Thank you to everyone who got involved.

Survivor Feedback

Survivor feedback is so important to us, it really does help us improve our services ensuring that our services meet survivors needs. Thank you to all the survivors who give us feedback and for allowing us to publish your words.

"I really struggled when I was on the waiting list. Having to wait those weeks really affected me. I know that it is cause, you have loads of people wanting help, but I really needed help when I needed it."

Our Response:

The number of women and young people on our waiting list is unacceptable and it is a problem we are very aware of. Many survivors struggle with waiting for the support they need. In response to this we set up the Crisis Support Service which any survivor on the waiting list can access while they wait for longer term Therapeutic Support. In addition we have our Helpline 5 days per week and the National Rape Crisis Scotland Helpline (08088 01 03 02, daily from 5pm – 12 midnight) is open every evening, every day of the year. We want to be here for you when you need support and we are working toward reducing the time any one has to wait on the list but in the meantime we hope you can access some support from the above services.

Survivor Feedback

Survivor feedback is so important to us, not only does it help us improve our services but it helps other survivors understand what they might gain from support if they are thinking of giving us a call to refer into our services. Thank you to all the survivors who give us feedback and for allowing us to publish your words.

"Thank you very much for all the support. When I started my sessions I didn't see the reason to keep going but after a few weeks I started to see some hope. I feel a weight lifted. I want to thank (my Support Worker) for listening and not judging. She never made me feel like I was to blame and that was the first time I felt like that. She is great, please thank her."

Our Response:

Thank you for your feedback. We are here to Listen, Believe and Support and hope that all our survivors leave further along their healing journey. All of our support workers passionately believe that all survivors are never to blame for being abused. If we could change one thing in society is that all people would understand that it is never a survivors fault that they were harmed, ever.

Our Gardening Group create a welcoming sight for survivors arriving at RASAC P&K

Look at our lovely RASAC P&K Garden! Despite the poor weather at the beginning of the summer our Gardening Group has worked some magic! Thank you wonderful people! The garden creates a calm welcome to our centre and the butterflies and bees love it too.

Referral form

If you would like to refer yourself into our support service or would like to refer a woman or young person you are working with, download our Referral Form.