Sexting is the sending and receiving of text, images or film clips that are of a sexual nature. This can be done via smartphones, social media and online. When images are sent or posted online, they are no longer in your control even if you delete them.

This can include:

  • Sending sexual or rude messages
  • Sending naked photos
  • Photos with a person in a sexual pose
  • Photos of someone in their underwear

If you are being pressured to send sexual images by anyone (including partners or someone online) or have been affected by sexting, there are people who can support you such as RASAC, CEOP, family or teachers. You do not have to send sexual images.


If you have been sent an image that makes you uncomfortable, you can also report it online to CEOP. It is important to consider the feelings of the person in the photo, and to not send this on to your friends. If an adult has sent you a sexual picture, you can also report this to CEOP or the police, and there are also people who can support you such as RASAC.

Taking sexual pictures or videos of someone under 18, even if it is of you, is against the law. Sending these images on and keeping a copy is also against the law.