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Survivor's Space

During the 16 Days of Action to End Violence against Women and Girls 2020 we will be posting survivor's poems and creative writing.

Please note that some of these pieces might be difficult to read or may be triggering for some survivors.


A Poem About Hope - by a Survivor

Like a jigsaw scattered all over the floor, I can’t make sense of the pieces.

The lights are off again and my eyes are full of tears – I have no idea what’s happening here!

I have to hide, so that nobody can see I’m a mess,

I’m so ashamed and confused – I don’t know why I’m back here, I thought I’d passed the test?

A piece of the jigsaw is missing and I can’t get it back, you must of taken it with you the night of your attack.

But, how can I restore myself when you’ve taken part of me away, how can I fix myself? How will I ever be the same?

I’ll never get back that part of me that you stole, and I have no idea how to fill the blank hole.

I need to get back the piece of me you stole, and switch on the light in me that you broke!

I will rise from this, stronger than you’ll know!!

Cause I am a survivor, in more ways than anyone will ever know.

I’ll fill the space with something new and there is nothing now that you can do!!!


Overlooked -By Parent of A Child Survivor

It's a poem about looking back 35 years ago. The realisations that if just one person noticed, spoke up, recognised the signs, life could have been different. Its different for me now, but there are too many childhoods, still being lost today.


I don't need tears or sympathy

Understanding or your empathy

Words that don't come easily

All I need, is you to see me


I don't need partially accepted

Feelings just to be rejected

Overlooked and unsuspected

All I need, is not neglected


I don't need lifted or relieved

Kindness actions or to grieve

Songs caged in with no release

All I need, is to be believed


Thank you, 35 years later, for believing me.


Love Will Heal - by Parent Of A Child Survivor

This poem is an extract from a longer piece called Love Will Heal. As a parent to a child survivor, you self blame, you feel you've failed, you feel destroyed. What is still left when you feel so broken?

Love and Hope. Always do both x


There's ways In which your life changes

You never see it coming

The journeys long and hard you know

Not one that you can run in

She sleeps tonight my precious child

Her head against my pillows

I will love her all her life

And she will always feel so






Below are additional peices from survivors outwith the 16 Days of Action

This is a space where we will share everything from artwork, poetry, feedback, stories, photography from survivors.

We hope that this will give you inspiration, hope and an insight into the courage and strength in the recovery journey.


A poem about hope New Beginnings Poem


The poems above and feedback below are extracts from 'Voices of Hope' A collection of creative works from survivors of sexual violence produced by RASAC-PK

Feedback about RASAC Services

If you have any articles, artwork or anything else that you would like to submit for our page then please email them to Please note that we will not publish any names unless you state clearly how you would like your work to be attributed. We cannot guarantee to place all work received on our website.

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Me on March 20 2018 at 23:44

The poetry is beautiful x

Me on March 20 2018 at 23:43

I love the Voices of Hope feedback tree :)