RASAC Youth Initiative


Welcome to the RASAC Youth Initiative page. RYI works with young people age 12-18 across Perth & Kinross delivering a series of prevention workshops which address a range of issues including Values & Beliefs, Sexual Bullying, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Consent, Internet Safety and Sexualisation.  RYI work in a variety of community and school settings.

RASAC Youth Initiative aims to:

  • Increase access to information and support for girls and young women across Perth & Kinross.
  • Provide information and support to parents, carers, teachers and guardians of young people across P&K.
  • Engage proactively with young people across Perth & Kinross through the delivery of our TESSA programme in schools and throughout the wider community.
  • Work towards ending violence against girls and young women through awareness raising, partnership working and prevention work.
  • Highlight the link between sexualisation and gender based violence through the delivery of our prevention programme, awareness raising events and multi-agency working.

The Importance of Prevention

In addition to the evidence gathered through our own work with young people across Perth & Kinross, a wealth of research exists highlighting the importance of prevention work (Publications).  One of most comprehensive reports, ‘Sexualisation of Young People Review’, 2010 concludes;

“Sexualisation devalues women and girls, sending out a disturbing message that they are always sexually available.  It creates false expectations for girls trying to live up to unrealistic ‘ideals’, and for boys in terms of how they think a girl should be treated.  It increases self-objectification and limits aspirations and choices that girls feel are open to them.  Sexualisation lowers important barriers to child abuse and undermines healthy relationship, increasing the likelihood of violence against women and girls.  There is both empirical research and clinical evidence that premature sexualisation harms children.”

RASAC P&K hope to challenge these ‘ideals’ through our Prevention Programme, TESSA.   The programme is designed to be emotionally engaging, challenging and impactful in terms of delivering key messages to young people on a variety of topics.  We ask young people to consider the opinions they have and where these opinions come from.  We give and explain facts in their language.  We help them to discover and develop skills that they may need along life’s highway to avoid the many possible perils.  TESSA looks at the bigger picture, challenging where appropriate and encouraging young people to think about the feelings and motivations of others.

If you would like more information about RYI please click on this link: RASAC Youth Initiative.

RYI recognise that sexual violence can happen to anyone, anywhere and can take many forms including; rape, sexual assault, online exploitation / abuse, sexual bullying (including name calling). We recognise that there are many other forms of sexual violence and if there is anything you would like to speak to someone in confidence about, you can contact a support worker at the Centre.  If you have recently been raped or sexually assaulted please click here. Our prevention workers can support you to make contact with one of our support workers should you wish support.

If you are a worker who would like to find out more information or to enquire about the delivery of workshops within your youth setting please contact the Centre.