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RASAC P&K Publications:

RASAC Commercial Sexual Exploitation Safety and Services

RASAC PK Annual Report 2015

RASAC 2014 Annual Report

RASAC Little Green Booklet

RASAC leaflet

RASAC PK Newsletter March 2017

RASAC PK Newsletter Aug 2016

RASAC PK Newsletter Nov 2015

RASAC PK Newsletter July 2015

RASAC Consent Poster 2016

Childhood Sexual Abuse:
Child Cruelty in the UK 2011, NSPCC (2011)
Yes You Can! Working with Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Scottish Government (2008)

Commercial Sexual Exploitation:
Challenging Men’s Demand for Prostitution in Scotland, Women’s Support Project (2008)

Forced Marriage:
Forced Marriage Legislation Overview, Scottish Government (2012)

Gender Based Violence – General Information:
Cause and Consequence, Engender leaflet (2008)
Responding to Gender-based Violence (2009)
Spend now save later, Scottish Women’s Aid, Rape Crisis Scotland and Scottish Women’s Budget Group (2010)
Gender Equality Duty Information Leaflet, (2010)

Trans Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Study, Equality Network (2012)
Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Transgender People’s Experiences of Domestic Abuse, STA (2012)
Transgender Experiences in Scotland: Summary, STA (2008)
Male Survivors:
Staying Afloat: A guide to providing support to male survivors of sexual abuse, NHS Greater Glasgow

Rape Crisis Scotland:
RCS Newsletter Issue 1, Spring 2004
RCS Newsletter Issue 2, Summer 2004
RCS Newsletter Issue 3, Winter 04/05
RCS Newsletter Issue 4, Winter 05/06
RCS Newsletter Issue 5, Summer 2006
RCS Newsletter Issue 6, Autumn 2006
RCS Newsletter Issue 7, Winter 07/08
RCS Newsletter Issue 8, Spring 2011
RCS Newsletter Issue 9, Winter 2011/2012
RCS Newsletter Issue 10, Autumn 2012
Woman to Woman: An Oral History of Rape Crisis in Scotland 1976-1991, (2009)
Support for Survivors of Sexual Violence: the Rape Crisis Response (2012)
The Pros and Cons of Providing Dedicated Sexual Violence Services: A Literature Review (2012)

Sexualisation of Children and Young People:
Sexualisation of Young People Review, Linda Papadopoulos (2010)
Letting Children be Children, Reg Bailey (2011)
Premature Sexualisation: Understanding the Risks, NSPCC (2011)