Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Women Working Towards Freedom from Rape and Sexual Abuse

Our Visions

At RASAC (P&K) we work towards our mission through our ongoing commitment to the following visions…


  • To change societal attitudes and beliefs through awareness raising events, campaigns and education.
  • Working in collaboration with relevant agencies to eliminate gender based violence against women.


  • Creating a safe environment where women can freely express themselves.


  • To continually grow and adapt our services in response to those who need us.


  • Overcoming all barriers to give survivors a voice through the promotion of service user involvement. 

Our Values

Our core values underpin everything that we do.  They lie at the heart of our visions and it is with these values that we believe RASAC (P&K) will be successful in continually developing and adapting services in order to achieve our mission.

  • We believe that any woman, young woman and child, regardless of ethnic background, culture or sexuality, should have access to non-judgemental, confidential support at any given time.
  • We believe that no woman, young woman or child regardless of behaviour, dress or lifestyle is to blame for any form of rape, sexual abuse or sexual assault.
  • We believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to adopt zero tolerance to any form of rape, sexual abuse and sexual assault of any woman, young woman or child.